We were suppose to have woken up early to catch the first bus going to Nasugbu. But we didn’t. It was a sunny weather on that day, it was okay. At least cousin N had an extended sleep after her night shift of online work.

We prepped up and took a taxi cab going to the bus terminal and we least got tangled in the metro traffic. I forgot it was a weekend then, so morning buzz along Edsa was terrific.

Seated side by side. We were off to Batangas. Cousin A kept reminding me that we will get off at Batulao. The landmark would be Evercrest. I told her to chill because I got it and besides I will tell the conductor about where exactly we are hopping off his bus.

I dozed off a bit during our 3-hour ride. I was glad that it was air-conditioned. We are comfortable and cozy. But after when we reached Cavite proper the bus was stopping every 20 minutes of interval to unload and load passengers.

That’s when I realized that we really should have woken up early. I didn’t sleep then. I just enjoyed watching the scenery along side the roads. It was my first time to get there though.DSC03815It was I think 1pm-ish when we arrived at Evercrest. We headed directly to our destination, to Caleruega.

* * *

The moment I stepped at the gate, a cold damp air swoosh behind me and I was delighted to look around. My cousin A boasted about nice spots at the premises. She had been here.  Cousin N and her son B was also their firsts.DSC03849

DSC03833I opened my hand and gestured to reach my nephew B’s hand and he likely reached out his and grasped mine tightly. We walked forward and continued to enjoy the down slope with the cold air swooping on our faces, the sun’s rays heating up our cheeks slowly, as if we’re blushing.DSC03964It was a fine day. I can’t stand the glare. My shades served me well.

* * *

Some of my childhood memories I love reminiscing were the times I get to travel during weekends to my Aunts’ houses. Yes, I was touring around my Aunts’ pads early on, maybe that’s where I got the courage to ride public transportation, overcome motion sickness and the interest to really travel to see what’s around me, whenever, wherever.

Cousin A and I shared one of these moments. We would sometimes sit on the ledge of their store fronting the highway and across was a school. No children were playing since it was a summer. Instead we we’re entertained by the passing cars, trucks, bus and anything with wheels on them. We counted only those that are in reds. During those time, I think red cars rarely roam the highways. We would do this while sipping our favorite soda in town, Coca Cola, of course.

* * *

When we got to Caleruega. There’s no Coca Cola on ours hands, just a bottled water. I am not into sodas these days. I am veering away from carbonated drinks and my cousins too. We spent the afternoon going around it. Observing how peaceful it is. Fewer people were around during our visit and cousin N, I think she needed that moment. To unwind and relearn things. I hope she got it. She deserved it. While cousin A was all smiles, carefree but I think she has a lot inside her head. I didn’t pry.DSC03913DSC03903I just enjoyed taking our photos.

“Hey dear cousins! Say cheese!”

* * *

Oh, it was a sunny Saturday of February that we hopped onto that bus.


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