The cool breeze is soothing. I continue to walk on the shore until I reach far end, this spot. This is my vantage point. The ground beneath my feet is cold. It is soft and I know that it is saturated with water. I try pressing my left foot and then the other and it is like a sponge. Oozing warm liquid dampen my feet.

These young trees—seeking their cover from the sun—enveloped me for a moment. I just take it in. Immersing to its presence, to its embrace.


As I trace the peeking sunlight with my hand, I raise my head and this thicket of young trees, its tender branches, dancing in the wind catches my wondering mind, seeking some morning solitude. This is my last day on this beach paradise. Together with my friends, it is just a matter of couple of hours that we’ll all leave this behind.

The happiness of seeing the converging of the sea and the mountains is just an amazing experience, I get to share it with friends that are dear to me. This year we are all raving for one getaway but no plans are made yet. I think it would not happen anymore. Not that I am putting the idea down, I have this thought that it just wouldn’t happen this year.

Guess I will have to look forward to spending more dinners together in our own apartments, enveloped in each other’s company.

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